Fifth grade Language Arts will include grammar, composition, Accelerated Reading, speech, and the reading and study of literature from both our reading text and additional novels.

Students will be making interactive notebooks this year in Language Arts to create, write, and record areas of study. These are a way to keep all the new information as well as review from class in one place. Interactive notebooks help students remain organized and will allow them to use different learning styles in their work.

Grammar will be the same format as in past years with a topic being introduced and then practiced for several pages. Tests will be given periodically.

Composition and speech will be assigned on a regular basis and will often be related to the subject matter of the story or book we are reading in class.

Accelerated reading will be part of the gradebook. Every student will read one book a month. Some months the books will be from an assigned genre and some months it will be the students' choice. When we read a novel together as a class, that book will count as the AR book for the month. Scores will be entered in the gradebook for the comprehension test as well as any additional assignments given by the teacher.

Spelling tests will normally be given every Friday. The list will be copied in class on Monday and taken home for students' reference throughout the week. We will have activities and workbook pages to practice the words. Spelling words are also available here on the Wiki, divided according to the unit.

In addition to the spelling words, a sentence from the current week's story will be given as dictation. Students are not given the sentence ahead of time to study but all words and punctuation are ones the students should be familiar with at their level of work.