Classroom Management

The goal of discipline is always heart change so we become more like Christ in the way we think, act and speak. At times, we all need reminders, correction and training in order to accomplish this. To help us in training our hearts and minds and in order to create an environment conducive to learning for all students, we will follow these procedures throughout each Middle School class.

  • Respect your teacher, classmates, and space
  • Have a positive attitude and participate
  • Come prepared with your materials
  • Follow the procedures as your teacher instructs
  • Work quietly.

Classroom Rules:
  • Your voice should be a whisper when entering the classroom
  • When the teacher’s voice is on, yours is off
  • Raise your hand if you have a question or comment
  • Respond to the teacher’s attention getting phrase appropriately (such as: To infinity….and beyond)
  • Push in your chair and clean up your workspace when leaving
  • Open your Chromebook only when directed to do so

Rewards for positive behavior may include:
  • Verbal affirmation
  • Lunch with your teacher, vice principal or principal
  • Pizza with the principal
  • Classroom treat or game time

When an expectation of behavior is not met:
  • Phase 1 will result in a warning
  • Phase 2 the teacher will redirect the student
  • Phase 3 a demerit will be issued on RenWeb (formerly the “Red Book”)

Since being on time is critical to learning and an important part of respect for others, three tardies will result in a demerit on RenWeb.

If a student earns three demerits in a week, an after school detention of 45 minutes will be issued.

If a student earns six demerits in one month, the student will serve at Saturday School. This will also result in a $25 fee.