1. Eating a small snack is permitted during specified times. Water bottles containing only water are permitted in Club 56 and outside.
  2. Cell phones and iPods or other electronic devices are not permitted and will be confiscated. If confiscated, they will be turned into the office to be picked up by the parent. There will be some special events when students will be allowed to bring their devices, in which case, you will be notified by us.
  3. Bathroom breaks are limited to EMERGENCIES ONLY. Students are asked to go before coming to class, during transition, or after class.
  4. Shouting or horse playing is not permitted in the classroom or hallways.
  5. Students are asked to enter the classroom in an orderly fashion and get right to work.
  6. All school rules will be observed without exception.
  7. All students will respect the rights of others. Teasing and ridicule will not be tolerated.
  8. Tardiness to class is unacceptable and the student will receive the appropriate consequence (see attendance policy).
  9. Students are not to use the computers in the classroom without permission.
  10. Passing notes or talking across the room is not permitted.
  11. Back packs will be kept in in the back of the classroom or Club 56, according to the teacher's instruction.
  12. Please see the Middle School Discipline Policy for additional rules/guidelines. This is also viewable on the class wiki.
  13. Students must follow the guidelines for technology use.