Middle School Supply List
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Please note that student supplies are used regularly and may need to be refilled throughout the school year.

All Students 5th - 8th Grades:
(7) spiral bound single subject notebooks, college rule, 70 pages minimum
(1) composition notebook
loose leaf paper, college rule, for personal use
Adventure Bible (NIV) ISBN: 978-0-310-72197-0
protractor and safe compass set
highlighters (yellow, pink, blue, green)
pack of markers
(2) black pens - no gel pens
(2) blue pens - no gel pens
(1 pack) green pens - no gel pens
(4 packs) #2 pencils - no mechanical pencils
(4) white polymer erasers
(1) bottle liquid school glue
(4) glue sticks
box of crayons
colored pencils
pencil box or case
The following should be given to homeroom teacher:
(1 pack) dry erase markers
4 boxes of tissues
hand sanitizer pump
5th Grade only:
(1) 1 inch binder
(5) pocket folders for binder
7th and 8th Grades only:
graph paper
scientific calculator